In 2019, we have started an expansion with a new factory and warehouse. In both buildings, we have not installed gas connection on purpose, so that we can produce without using any gas.
By also using renewable energy and smart heating principles, we are not using natural gas for water- and space heating in the factory.
We are determined to achieve our sustainable goals by producing environmental- and social-friendly.


The entire expansion has been realised under the international well-known BREEAM-NL sustainability-certificate, with the aim of achieving the highest accomplishment level of being the outstanding Group in the market. This certificate marks our goal to become fully energy-neutral within a few years. The installed solar panels and the reuse of water are two examples of our sustainable expansion.


During the expansion, we have installed more than 13.000 solarpanels on our roofs to generate our own energy and to become energy-neutral. In addition, the surplus energy gets fed back into the local energy network, for the local residents.

We have made a video about the installation of these solar panels.

Reuse of rain-water

We use rainwater for production processes and for flushing toilets instead of clean water. The savings we get are equal to almost 2 full swimming pools, and we contribute thereby to a sustainable management of water and sanitation.