Factory innovation

Delivering good and sustainable produced artificial grass starts with an constantly increase of our production efficiency and look for innovative ways to optimize our production processes.

New Coating-line

Since 2020, we have optimized our production load by installing a new sustainable coating-line. The coating-line is a new equipment whereby efficient production and sustainability come together to create products with the qualities we aim to our customers.

The coating-line has different sustainable installations, such as an installation where emissions get filtered back, and water that gets reused.


We are continuously working in the optimizing our production processes and have therefore a new innovative project the robot in our factory.

The aim of this robot is to increase the production speed and the process. It takes the bobbins and puts in on trailers, whereby it gets transported to the right machine for production.

Elektric forklifts

Not only in our Condor Grass factory, but in all factories within the Condor Group we only use electric forklifts. Using electric forklifts instead of forklifts that drive with fuel have different advantages.

First of all, electric forklifts have a longer lifetime and low maintenance requirements. In addition to that, they have a lower noise level and the impact on the environment is incredibly low. We therefore, contribute positively to our environment and work towards a sustainably-friendly production process.