Product innovation

As the Condor Group, we create constant improvement on our products to offer the best, and sustainable ranges to our customers. Therefore, we have a new range of sustainable produced carpets with an unique name: All Over Again. Additionally, we are investing in the use of sustainable materials in our installation processes, and have therefore an unique material: Brockfill.


A planet that is as green as possible; we are happily contributing to this. Not only with the high-quality artificial grass that we have been producing for years, but also with the sustainable way in which we produce it. Condor Grass is proud to have introduced a revolutionary product in the market: Alloa® Pura. This sustainable product is 100% recyclable, thanks to its unique DNA. From the backing to the yarn itself; our artificial grass consists of one biodegradable top material. We have created a video about our new sustainable ALLOA range.



Recently, we have introduced an installation processes for our artificial football grass fields whereby we use a new and unique material: Brockfill. This infill material consist of 100% natural wood and contributes therefore to be fully clean and human/ environmental friendly. brockfill does not contain any harmless chemicals as it can be returned in the nature without causing environmental problems after its lifespan of more than 10 years. Please have a look at our blog in which the details of this new concept are described!