Maak kennis met onze all-round medewerker duurzaamheid en marketing Enise

​Our valuable All-round Youth Trainee Sustainability and Marketing Enise Polat started her journey six months ago with an internship. She has explored different operations within Condor Carpets, which she is going to share with you.

My role as All-round Youth Trainee

‘As a youth trainee, I support our marketing team of Condor Carpets and Condor Grass, whereby I create different content for the social media of both companies and work to optimize the websites. In addition, I also work towards creating a sustainability program with the use of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Next to this, I am assisting my colleagues at the sales department, where I also started my internship.’

Enise has also conducted sustainability research, in which she got to explore the production process of carpets. ‘During my research, I experienced the importance of sustainability within Condor Carpets, and it was exciting to get insight into the operations and to have built a report about it.’

Working in a Team

‘I experience each day as different and diverse. This makes my work fun, and educative. I believe that we can create positive results by working effectively in a team. During the internship, my sustainability research was about the operations in the factory. Hereby, I worked with a lot of colleagues from different fields: factory, sales, and marketing. This made my journey interesting and diverse.’

My Vision

‘A sustainable future is how Enise Condor sees. ‘Condor has a sustainable future coming up. The trend of circular carpets becomes very popular, and I believe it can bring Condor to a new level of success. Analyzing and evaluating our influence on the society and environment is a must, which we as Condor take care of. I get motivated to work towards creating a sustainable look for Condor Carpets and Grass, and I also hope to keep contributing to that.’

Enise, we thank you for your time. It was nice to hear your sustainable story within Condor.