Let’s introduce you to our Operational Manager Erik

Our proud Operational Manager of Condor Grass will take you through his fascinating journey of his work. He has over more than 20 years of experience in artificial grass, and his contribution to the company’s success, is priceless.

‘’Lots of experiences take you to an amazing trip in the artificial grass world.’’

My role as Operational Manager

‘As Operational Manager I am responsible for a well-organized daily routine. Everyone in our team has a worthy contribution and I ensure them all with the facilities they need so that we can provide the excellent service for our customers.
I am responsible for implementing the right process through our organization, and thereby communicate closely with all of our stakeholders.
Every day is a new challenge, because it is so alternating. Therefore, ensuring the right-, and adjusting our previous strategies to new situations, is one of the important tasks I have to do. Next to that, we continuously look for improvements in our team, and processes. Finding ways in which we can improve our customer service, improvethe qualities of our products day after day , and ensuring the productions, is what I do.’

Working in a Team
Working in an enthusiastic and motivated team is the key for success, says Erik. His motto is therefore;

‘Alone you’ll be faster, but together you’ll get further’

‘We don’t deliver nonsense. By taking every chance and opportunity we have that contribute to our growth and service improvements, we take it. This makes us a flexible and an incisive company. Besides that, all our operations must be carried on in an strategic and appropriate way. And it must be, of course, cost-effectively. Therefore, working closely with my colleagues, helps us to get insight into their operations and improvements. We learn from each other.’

My Vision
Erik foresees a great vision for Condor Grass. A sustainable vision: ‘Our trip throughout the artificial grass developments has made us the market leader of Europe. But more importantly, it has made us more aware of the sustainable and environmental aspect in which we fulfill a leading role in the market.
We work together with our partners on constantly improvement on our quality and sustainability by producing with the 1 DNA thought, this means that the product only consist of 1 and the same raw material that can be fully recycled. To use it ALL Over Again (ALLOA - www.alloacarpets.com/pura-grass). ALLOA will bring us to a new level of success, a sustainable world . We think together for more innovative products to guide our industry.

Thank you, for your contribution and time, Erik!
It was pleasant to interview you, your job, experiences, and thoughts.