Meet our Samples Manager Hendrik Jan

Hendrik Jan has gained for more than 10 years of experience at the samples department. He works with a few colleagues whereby he ensures the right communication and coordination of the department. Hendrik Jan is passionate about his work, and the team he is working in.

My role as Samples Manager

'At the samples, my main-focus is on ensuring the daily business routine and coordinating orders at the samples department. We have a lot of different samples of both carpets and artificial grass. It is enjoyable to manage all of them, and to have contact with other departments to ensure our customers get their samples on time. In addition, I am closely working with the Tiles Manager to makes sure the tiles get processed at the way it meets the needs of the customers.

Working in a team

Hendrik Jan finds working in his team great and it motivates him.

'I am working in a small team at the samples, whereby we motivate each other to work in a pleasant and enjoyable way. We have all different tasks, and often combine those together to get the best results. In addition, together, we have a lot of fun during our shifts, and help each other to get the best out of our job!'

My vision

Condor is an innovative and ambitious company. That's how Hendrik Jan describes the organisation.

'I enjoy working at such an progressive company, with amazing colleagues. Being part of the whole process and to manage the samples and orders is something I wish to continue doing for the coming years. I am doing my work with passion, and I believe expressing it does contribute to a general motivation for all!

Hendrik Jan, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!