Maak kennis met onze heftruckchauffeusse Ilona

ENG: Ilona is working for more than six years at Condor Carpets. She is our forklift driver for the tufting department, and has various tasks to do where she uses her forklift. Ilona works in a small and collaborative team, which contributes to do her job in a pleasant and efficient way.

My role as tufting employee and forklift driver

‘As forklift driver, I am mainly responsible for driving the pallets with yarns to the production. In addition, I am also working on making sure to clean up certain goods when they are not needed anymore. Loading and unloading trucks with yarns and rolls are also my tasks.’

Working in a team

‘I am working in a broad team whereby we always help each other when needed. Good collaboration is the key to our success. I see colleagues enjoy their work at Condor, which increases my motivation. I like to get involved in the production process to make sure we produce together in an efficient and sustainable way. This makes it pleasant to work together.’

My vision

As mentioned before, Ilona, and other colleagues get involved in the production process so that it goes correctly, efficiently and sustainably.

‘Condor keeps innovating and growing. I see my colleagues working and having a great time during their shifts. It is a nice experiences to get involved with this and to work together. I can optimally develop myself in thinking and helping together to improve and innovate processes when possible.

Ilona, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!