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Condor Carpets

Condor Carpets specializes in tufting carpets in a variety of synthetic and natural carpets and fits these products with a back made from one of the many backing options.

Condor Carpets

Our products

The products can be divided into different collections. Below you will find a selection of these collections with the various materials, colours and specifications.

Quality & research

All Condor Group products are designed to fit their purpose. The principles are based on the expectations our customers have of their products: Fit for Purpose. In our own laboratories, the products are developed and extensively tested for functionality, quality, wear resistance and fire safety.

Overview Condor Carpets

Working at Condor

The employees at the Condor Group' are our 'human capital'. Providing room for personal growth and development leads to sustainable working relationships. The knowledge and experience at every level of the Condor Group represent the strength of the organisation from which it continues to build its future. Are you interested in becoming part of this team?

We are always looking for motivated professionals who want to maximize their potential!