Maak kennis met onze teamleider expeditie Karl

ENG: With more than 25 years of experience in the expedition of Condor Carpets, we have got the pleasant opportunity of speaking to Karl about his journey. Karl is working as a team leader at the expedition and shared his story with us.

My role as Team Leader Expedition

'I am responsible for the daily structure and organization in my team, for instance giving instructions to my team when needed, and ensuring everyone can work in a safe environment. Working in a well-organized work environment is something I like the most.'

Karl says that each day is different and you never know what the day will bring: 'There is always a challenge, and each day is therefore different, there is variation.'

Working in a team

Karl mentioned that he enjoys the team he works in, because of the nice contact with each other. 'In my team, everyone is willing to help each other when needed, and we can have a great time together. At the beginning of each day, we discuss with the previous shift how it went, and what the progress was. We keep each other updated, which is important to do.'

My vision

'I see Condor Carpets as a company that has a positive eye for the future. There are a lot of variations within the Expedition department, and I have experienced a lot of innovations and positive changes in recent years. You really get a confident and stable feeling of working here.'

Karl, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!