Maak kennis met onze teamleider verkoop Denian

ENG: Our appreciated team leader of the Sales Department Denian Selles has developed an interesting journey to share. He has over more than 17 years of experience in the sales of Condor Carpets, and his contribution to the company is invaluable.

Together wE Achieve More’

My Role as Team Lead Sales

‘As a team leader, I am responsible for the back office's daily structure, and a well-organized routine. One of my tasks is ensuring the correct processing of orders, sending out quotations, transport bookings, and more. I have continuous contact with our planning department, and other stakeholders within Condor to ensure the right communication to our customers.

During the day, time zones can change rapidly. The worldwide customer base is so diverse, having contact with each of them globally makes my job great, according to Denian.

‘At one moment you have contact with a customer in Eastern Europe, and at the other, you get customers from South America on the phone. That makes it unique. We always seek to provide our customers with the right service.’

Working in a Team

Motivation comes from your team, says Denian. ‘Together the achievements will be bigger. We are serious with all our customers. They get the optimal service from each of our team members. Therefore, we do not deliver nonsense. We continuously communicate with our colleagues, from the yarn entry until the transport, to make sure we provide the right and best information to our customers. That makes us persistent, and flexible.

Helping each other, and communicating well, makes us stronger and more reliable as a team. I ensure the right back office planning, that helps everyone to know how and when they have to work at home or at the office. Especially in these times, the well-being and health of my colleagues have become more than important.

Together, we take every chance we have for improvements, and share opinions, and ideas with each other. And again, this makes us a sales team, stronger.’

My Vision

Denian sees sustainability as the vision for Condor. Following this trend will bring the company to another level of success:

‘Sustainability has become an important trend for businesses. For Condor Carpets, I see this as a big growth opportunity in the future. We are one of Europe’s largest carpet manufacturers, with a huge customer base. I would be thrilled when we provide them with our sustainability programs and recyclable carpets.

By closely working with our partner sales teams, I see chances for a sustainable future!

Denian, we thank you for your contribution and time. It was pleasant to hear your story, experiences, and thoughts.