Maak kennis met onze vertegenwoordiger verkoop Robert

ENG: Our appreciated customer service representative Robert Kloosterman has a nice experience to share. Robert works for already 5 years, including his internship at Condor Carpets.

My Role as Customer Service Representative

‘As a representative at the customer service department, I manage the customer base of our customers in the U.K. One of my most important tasks is to ensure and provide the right information to our customers. Managing their orders, constant cooperation with the planning department and setting up the right priorities to provide the needed information are the key elements of my job. The involvement of our customers in our work makes it effective and diverse every day.

Robert has experienced his internship as very educative. ‘During my time as a fourth-year intern at Condor, I have experienced lots of help and there was always room to learn in practice, which made my journey diverse and broad. After I successfully finished my internship and graduated from my study, Condor Carpets offered me the job as a customer service representative, which I accepted because it fits with what I was looking for.’

Working in a Team

‘I believe that a dynamic environment is key for an efficient working team. Every day is different, and working together with my colleagues to provide effective services to our customers is very pleasant. In addition, the constant contact with each of our customers contributes positively providing as good as possible our job. Every day is a challenge, which makes it exciting. When working together, communicating well and sharing our thoughts with each other helps to provide the right service to our customers. It is a nice experience to have a contribution to that.'

My vision

‘There are lots of chances and possibilities in which I can develop myself further. Condor Carpets is, despite being a massive company, a company where almost everyone knows each other personally. This gives me the true feeling of being part of the team, and it motivates me more and more to do my work as well as possible. I believe that there are different growth opportunities for Condor, and I'm glad to be able to contribute to that.'

Robert, we thank you for your time. It was nice to hear your appealing story.