Condor Grass artificial turf series for golf

Condor Grass artificial turf series for golf – smooth and stable solutions

Condor Grass artificial turf solutions for golf are produced in a hightech facility and use the latest technology available. We have specific products for use on the greens, in the fringes, and on driving ranges and tees.

Natural turf experience

Condor Grass has vast experience in producing both long-pile and short-pile artificial turf surfaces for a variety of applications. In Europe, we are one of the biggest producers of artificial turf for landscaping purposes. Our expertise is also visible in our artificial turf products for sports. Condor Grass golf products are visually appealing and contribute to the quality, durability and sustainability of the various components of a golf course.

State-of-the-art production

An automated production facility using robot technology guarantees the quality of the carpets and the diversity of the portfolio. Recently installed state-of-the-art tufting machines can combine different yarns and adjust the pile length and density to produce unique products. Our quality control system makes certain that the product is made as intended.

Environmental solution

Using a Condor Grass artificial turf solution will do away with the need for pesticides or water to maintain your driving range and course in perfect condition. Thanks to the use of artificial turf, your golf course will be sustainable and fully compliant with the latest standards and environmental regulations.

Different options

Condor Grass offers various artificial turf golf solutions:

  • Sand-filled artificial turf
  • Nylon and PE yarn systems
  • Non-filled artificial turf for tee grass