Condor Grass artificial turf series for tennis and padel

Condor Grass artificial turf series for tennis and padel = quality and durable solutions

Condor Grass tennis and padel products benefit from the extensive experience Condor Grass has in tufting for international sports surfacing companies, as well as our knowledge of raw materials and access to hi-tech tufting equipment. Each surface has its own characteristics that meet the desires of leagues, clubs, players and groundsmen.

Tennis systems

the ease of sliding on a Condor Grass surface as well as the speed of game they deliver make these surfaces the field of choice for many players. All our tennis systems are sand-dressed. They are produced from fibrillated or texturized monofilament yarns. Each surface comes in an unique shade of green that enables players good visibility of the ball, while the surface will blend in the environment.

Padel systems

Padel surfaces experience extreme forces, making it important that they are produced by companies that pay attention to detail. Condor Grass Padel MP and Padel GM leave little to be desired. It is a stable and flat surface that delivers the perfect speed for the gamem time and again. Condor Grass Padel MP and Padel GM are sand-dressed systems that enable convenient sliding for players.

State-of-the-art production

An automated production facility using robotic technology guarantees the quality of the carpets and diversity of the portfolio. Recently installed state-of-the-art tufting machines can combine different yarns and adjust the pile length and density to produce unique products. Our quality control system makes certain that the product is made as intended.

Game, Set and Match

Condor Grass artificial turf products for tennis and padel allow clubs, schools, hotels and players to play on a high-quality and durable tennis surface that requires little maintenance.

  • Natural ball bounce
  • Comfortable sliding
  • Perfect handling of horizontal tension
  • Approved by the ITF

For every preferred speed of game

The ITF has ranked Condor Grass artificial turf tennis systems for use in the most preferred types of play: medium-slow, medium, medium-fast and fast.

These are the fields of choice for clubs in both professional and amateur leagues in the most demanding leagues and nations.

  • Long-pile and short-pile surfaces
  • Made of fibrillated or texturized monofilament yarns
  • All systems tested in accordance with ITF and applicable national standards