​Let’s introduce you to our proud ambassador Thomas Briels!

ENG: Another year, another collaboration! Thomas Briels is once again the proud ambassador of Condor Grass. He is an amazing Hockey player in Belgium and won Silver in the Olympic Games in Rio. Thomas (33) plays on the best artificial grass fields and therefore, he wants to share his view on the importance of artificial grass with you.

Playing on Artificial Grass

‘I am proud to be the ambassador of Condor Grass. It is amazing to play on such professionally produced artificial grass sports fields. You can truly feel the quality below your shoes while playing. It brings out the best in any player.’
It is of big importance to play on excellently produced fields in which you can promote your talent in hockey or in any other sport.

Condor Grass has developed a sports collection which includes all kinds of fields with different hockey systems, like water-based fields and fields with a layer of sand. Showing your full performance in those fields helps to develop yourself in the sport.'

Playing in Teams

‘In addition, your individual motivation and courage increase when you’re playing on quality fields. It contributes positively to your self-development and is also important, in your way of playing in a team. Your grip on the ground is firmer, so you can get into the right position more quickly while playing. This makes you stronger and quicker to stand by for your teammates.

Olympic Games 2021

It does not take long anymore for the start of the Olympic Games 2021, only 10 days left! The first game will be the Netherlands versus Belgium. Thomas has an interesting opinion about it…

‘Playing against The Netherlands is always very exciting. Our games are always very close and we are looking forward to playing against them in the opening match of the Olympic Games! I wish my friends at Condor Grass good luck but I think Belgium will win ;) ‘

Being amazed and pleased to have you as our ambassador, we thank you for your contribution, Thomas. Good Luck in Tokyo!