Maak kennis met onze all-round student productie Jorick

ENG: The technical aspect of the production of carpets and artificial grass products really appealed to Jorick, since he is working at Condor Carpets and Condor Grass for almost 4 years. With his study of Industrial Engineering and Management, he is building working experience in the sector which interested him the most.

My role as an all-round youth student

'Each day is different. I am mostly conducting work to support my colleagues at the production, thinking of making swatches of our products, placing stickers, and restocking items. Besides that, sometimes I replace a sick or absent colleague and work at our state-of-the-art coating lines. I have a lot of work to do, which makes it enjoyable and interesting!'

Working in a team

Jorick gets to see and talk with a lot of colleagues due to his various job. However, this does not impede the pleasant working atmosphere. 

'I like to work with different people within the production because it helps me to broaden my knowledge about industrial engineering even more and I learn new things. I experience the collaboration as great and enjoyable. Besides that, for my career development, I find it great to apply the things I learn from my study to my job. This helps me not only learn the theory but also see how it works in practice, for instance when I apply Lean Six Sigma. This is an effective method to organise systematic processes. This also requires teamwork and collaboration, which is the case within Condor Carpets.

My vision

'Condor Group is an innovative company where in order to grow, constant improvements need to happen. As a young student, I like to be part of this and make sure everything runs as optimally as possible!'

Jorick, thank you for your contribution. Good luck with your study and future career!