Maak kennis met onze manager applicaties Stevie

ENG: He has already two years of experience within the Condor Group, but speaks about his job as he works for longer: Stevie, our proud applications manager at the IT department. Stevie has shared his experiences so far and we can say for sure; it is all positive! Let's read his journey below.

My role as Applications Manager IT

Stevie made a big switch to the Condor Group since he previously worked as an international IT-consultant and travelled a lot. He wanted to get back to the office and to get more commitment from colleagues and the team.

'My main responsibility is the management of our ERP system for Condor Carpets, -Grass and Timzo. This includes various activities in managing and maintaining our ERP system. These activities are mostly maintenance, system development, adjusting where possible based on the wishes of my colleagues, and general improvements. Besides that, together with IT manager Patrick we plan and instruct our group of developers.'

Working in a team

'We all work together, like one big family'

That's how Stevie sees working in both a team and at the Condor Group. 'Working for a family business gives more commitment for both employers and employees. Even for such a big organization, we keep the short communications channels which are very beneficial. We are one big team. I am working closely within our IT department with my colleagues. I am convinced that the combination of a healthy and dynamic family business, a pleasant job and amazing colleagues will let me stay here for a long time.'

My vision

'It's very important to keep offering the same quality and service to the market, or even better. Especially in these times, we must stay together as an organization and take care of each other. I see one big positive future for the Condor Group and I hope to be part of it for longer. And after all, the grass is always greener on our side...!'

It was such an enjoyable and pleasant story to write about. Thank you, Stevie!