Maak kennis met onze tufter en assistent team leider Ronny

ENG: With more than 10 years of experience in the artificial grass industry, we have got the pleasant opportunity of speaking to Ronny about his journey at Condor Grass. Ronny works at the tufting department and has an interesting story to share with us.

My role as tufter and assistant team leader

'I am since 2010 working at the tufting department at Condor Grass, and I still enjoy seeing the various and diverse qualities we produce from both our Landscaping and Sports collections. When I have to choose what the most satisfying thing is during my shifts, I would adjust the machines in such a way that it runs perfectly. Particularly, when we are tufting sport fields projects.'

Working in a team

Ronny likes the contact and communications he has with his colleagues from different shifts. 'Every day, we start discussing the ins and outs, and our daily program. Those meetings are for me very important to receive updates on the progress of the previous shifts, as well as updating my colleagues from the next shift. The collaboration and communication we have with our office colleagues are also important points to mention here.' We have seen the importance of communication and collaboration for Ronny, and are glad to see that he enjoys it.

My vision

'Everything around me is green at Condor Grass. I believe to see a future in an expansion of the artificial grass collections. In addition, I hope to keep contributing to my job and collaborating in the pleasant atmosphere the tufting department has.'

Ronny, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!