The benefits of artificial grass

We have stunning artificial grass collections to design your garden with, and it will look amazing. Artificial grass means enjoying the natural look, without the heavy maintenances real grass has. Besides, we have listed 8 big benefits of artificial grass in your garden in addition to the sleek look it has. Let's discover the benefits together.

No mowing

Due to the fact that it is not real grass, but artificial, there is no requirement to mow it once in a while. It will stay at the same length, same color, and same design! The amount of time you save on mowing your lawn, can be spend with your family.

Less maintenance

The only maintenance that is needed is regular brushing with a broom, leaf rake or leaf blower so that the fibres stay straight and even.

Safe for children and pets

We have a wide range of various grass designs. For all of these, we give you the guarantee that it is a safe surface to play on for children and pets. There are no harmful materials added.

Long term cost savings

An artificial grass investment may look expensive at first, but it is an long-term investment which may improve the value of your home and garden for long years.

No Shading

The big difference with natural grass is that artificial grass would not get shaded due to (in)direct sunlight. The color, and size remains the same for a very long period and the extent of water or sunlight does not matter.

No feeding or seeding

Artificial does not grow or spread, and it is therefore clean and vibrant without being fertilized on a regular basis. the Grass stays lush, green and toxin-free

No more spraying

There is no need to spray artificial grass with water, but the only thing that may require is to rinse it occasionally to prevent odors and dust.

No more mud

There is no soil in the artificial grass, and therefore, it would not get muddy. Children can play as long as they want on artificial grass and would not get any mud stains.