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The Condor Group is one of the largest carpet producers in Europe with a production of more than 130 million square metres of textile floor covering on an annual basis. The Condor Group is a family business, and it focuses on maintaining transparent and sustainable relationships with its suppliers, employees and customers to create sustainable value for the entire chain. 

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Known under the names of Condor Carpets, VEBE, Condor Cartex, Condor Grass, Timzo and Edel Carpets, the Condor Group operates in various - mainly European - markets.

  • Condor Carpets

    Condor Carpets is one of Europe’s largest carpet producers, supplying wall-to-wall carpet products for residential and contract applications. Read more
  • VEBE

    With more than 75 years of experience and an annual production of 60 million square metres, VEBE is one of the world leaders in the field of needle felt carpet, dirt trapper mats, runners, artificial grass, mats and carpet tiles. Read more
  • Condor Cartex

    The specialized business Condor Cartex is a highly innovative producer of semi-finished goods for first- and second-line suppliers in the automotive industry. Read more
  • Condor Grass

    Condor Grass produces artificial grass for landscaping, leisure and sports. With decades of experience, it has built up a market-leader position within the landscape market, delivering high-quality Dutch products at internationally competitive prices. Read more
  • Timzo

    Timzo is specialized in the production of polypropylene loop pile carpet and has a production capacity of more than 30 million square metres. Read more
  • Edel Yarns

    A progressive company specialized in the production and extrusion of yarn. Versatile knowledge and advanced techniques are the basis for yarns of excellent quality.
  • Edel Carpets

    Edel produces high quality carpets since 1918. Our collection consists of distinctive carpets - both wool and synthetic - for the mid/high end segment. Read more

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 Condor Group joins forces with Carpet Recycling UK

Condor Group joins forces with Carpet Recycling UK

| Only together we can close the loop. That's why we joined Carpet Recycling UK as a member to help reduce carpet waste and to contribute on regulations that benefit the textile industry and our planet.

Working at Condor

The Condor Group is always looking for new talent. Do you want to work for one of Europe’s largest carpet producers?