"The undisputed specialist in polypropylene loop-pile carpet"

About Timzo

Since 1990, Timzo has focused exclusively on the production of the so-called “bouclé's” of polypropylene yarns. The company is now seen as an international specialist in this market segment. A high degree of automation and efficiency has enabled production capacity to now exceed 30 million square metres.

Excellent price and quality ratios, coupled with an outstanding delivery service, has enabled Timzo to build collaborative relationships with many other companies throughout Europe and further afield.

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Condor Timzo

Company profile

Timzo is 100% vertically-integrated. This means that the entire production process is conducted in-house. This starts in the extrusion department, where the yarns are made. Next, the yarns are further refined using air entangling and/or twisting, and then put on to modern tufting machines, which have various divisions, to design carpets that ultimately fit the backing line on to the desired back. As the company is in charge of every part of the process, Timzo is able to respond quickly and effectively to meet the needs of its customers. Timzo is ready for what the future holds.

Condor Timzo