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Founded on the principles of development and innovation, Condor Techtex produces technical textiles at highly competitive prices. Producing non-wovens for a variety of applications such as acoustics, furniture, interior.

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Sustainable Non-woven Solutions

Our Story Innovation out of the heart

Discover the future of textiles with our innovative approach to non-woven materials. Condor Techtex has emerged from a seasoned non-woven producer with years of experience and accumulated knowledge in the manufacturing of non-woven products. With this solid foundation, at Condor Techtex, we strive for pioneering advancements in the textile industry. Our non-woven materials are meticulously crafted, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. This allows us to offer unique solutions for various applications.

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Innovation Research & Development

Whether it's sustainability, performance, or versatility, our research and development team is ready to define the next generation of technical textiles. Our dedicated team of experts strives day in and day out to elevate products to a new level.

In our own laboratory, products undergo thorough testing for functionality, quality, abrasion resistance, and fire safety. With extensive product knowledge and technical skills, we explore new developments in sustainability and efficiency.

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Covering The World Condor Group

Condor Techtex is part of Condor Group. Condor Group is a family business consisting of 10 specialized companies. This makes the Condor Group one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Europe with an annual production of more than 200 million m² of textile floor covering. Condor Group focuses on a transparent and sustainable relationship with its suppliers, employees and customers with the aim of creating sustainable value for the entire chain.

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