On a roll to zero emission
On a roll to zero emission

Condor Techtex Sustainability

The awareness that we are passing on the world to new generations is in full force. As a family business, we want to leave the world a better place than when we started. Sustainability in thought and action is a priority. Taking the environment and people's well-being into consideration, we are fully engaged in sustainability. The ultimate goal is to be able to produce energy-neutral and low-emission circular products.

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United Nations Sustainable Development

We work with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations together with all the other members of the Condor Group. We have defined 50 sub-goals divided over the areas of management, purchasing, facility & safety, production processes, product innovation and human resources. With these 50 sub-goals, we are working on the implementation of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals in our organization. 

ON A ROLL TO ZERO EMISSION Want to know more?

Together with all our other members of the Condor Group, we work on the 'on a roll to zero emission' mission. The aim is to achieve energy-neutral, low-CO2 and circular production within the foreseeable future. As a family business, we want to create a better world.

Check out the Condor Group's sustainability page to read more about our "on a roll to zero emission" mission.

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