Sustainable value

Sustainability is an important theme within the Condor Group. That is why it produces in a responsible manner and the products are often made from recycled materials. This circular approach fits within the efficient process solutions of the Condor Group. The optimized production process uses minimal energy and a private solar park is being built which will be completed by the end of 2019. Year after year, this approach results in lower CO2 emissions per square metre of floor covering produced. The Condor Group strives to produce without waste and in an energy-neutral manner.

The Condor Group strives to produce without waste and in energy-neutral manner. For the Condor Group, sustainable value is not just about energy-neutral production or the minimal use of raw materials. The employees are the "human capital" of the Condor Group. By providing space for personal growth and development, we create sustainable employment relationships. The knowledge and experience that are present at every level of the Condor Group form the strength of the organization upon which it will continue to build on its future.