Step by STeP OEKO-TEX®

Sustainable textile production

This week VEBE has been re-awarded with the STeP OEKO-TEX® certificate. STeP certification allows for credible and transparent communication about environmental measures. We achieved a level 3 score (highest level possible!) meaning an “ideal implementation in the sense of best practice examples.” This time our overall result improved with 7%, thus a great step towards a more sustainable future!


The STeP OEKO-TEX® certification offers a comprehensive analysis and evaluation with regard to sustainable textile production conditions. The aim of the STeP certification is the permanent implementation of environmentally friendly production processes, optimal occupational health and safety and socially responsible working conditions. All OEKO-TEX® institutes carry out the analysis within the framework of six modules:

  1. Chemical management
  2. Environmental performance
  3. Environmental management
  4. Social responsibility
  5. Quality management
  6. Safety

The scoring system ranks three levels, with level three being the highest one. VEBE has been re-awarded with a level 3 score of exemplary implementation.


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