Update VEBE Zuid

The foundation works have been completed, meaning all piles and foundation strips have been poured. Just before Christmas, even the first loading dock was completed! Regarding the steel structure, approximately 85% has now been assembled, and the gas concrete fire wall is also following closely. Work is also underway to pour the floors.

In addition to the factory hall, the office is also taking shape. Flooring systems have been laid, frames and glass installed, and this week, the placement of walls and installation work will commence.

The Schedule

Pleijsier Bouw aims to deliver the building to VEBE in July. As for the construction of the carpet racks, work will commence at the end of March, with a full delivery of STOW expected by the end of September. Through a partial handover, we see the possibility of starting to unload the first rolls of carpet in early September.

The final phase before we can move into the building includes the placement of pavements such as H-stones, parking lots, and asphalt. The entire asphalt road is expected to be laid before summer, in week 29/30. Full delivery is scheduled for early October. In summary, we expect the logistics operation and office departments to be operational by the Christmas period of 2024.

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