No worries I am easy to clean

Cake or red wine on your carpet? A nightmare? Not anymore. Our new EcoClean collection gives households one less worry. The EcoClean yarn is produced / manufactured to the highest specifications and includes a special primary coating that ensures that stains do not stick permanently. The excellent stain repellent properties of the EcoClean recycled PET yarn ensure this.

Clean in a matter of minutes

A nasty stain? In most cases, a damp cloth will do. Of course, a textile cleaner will further simplify cleaning. The carpet is resistant to the most agressive cleaning methods, including diluted bleach. But most importantly; no matter how you handle it, the stain will vanish.

Condor Group

James Independent test by James

Cleaning tests were independently performed by James, the industry specialist in stain removal and maintenance since 1927 and a major partner of Condor Carpets. All James products for carpet are Cleanright ECO label certified and tested on all carpets/ranges from the Condor Carpets.

Condor Group

Eco 100% recycled PET yarn

The most attractive USP of the EcoClean collection is of course the ‘easy to clean’ part, but do not forget the 'green' side. The EcoClean collection is made with 100% recycled PET yarn which reducing CO2 emissions considerably.

Condor Group

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