A day in the life of our Team Leader Tufting Michael

Michael works for over 40 years at Condor Carpets and with so many years, he experiences Condor Carpets as a great organization with friendly people. Michael has taken us through his daily work at the Tufting department, which we have described for you below.

Shifts at work

'I start my day, depending on the shift whether that is during the day, evening or night by going over the schedule with the manager. This schedule is about which products we need to prepare for the tufting and on which machines there are going to be put on. Then I check up the machines to see whether there are set up properly.

I find the different settings of the machines interesting because you need to change the settings for the products. This also includes the occasional tinkering with the machines, which I also enjoy.​'

Collaboration in managing the machines

Even though Michael has a controlling role, working in a team to deliver the best quality products is very important to him.

​'Together we make sure that each one is in the right place of the tufting machines. Tufting requires different elements that need to be controlled or managed and it is, therefore, necessary that every colleague is standing at the right spot. In addition, we also provide variety during the shift, where we switch our tasks.'

My vision

'Being for 40 years at this company, I hope to work more years here. It is a great large organization where variety in the working environment is present. Besides, as a team leader, collaboration is very important and fortunately, that is not lacking here!'

Michael, thank you for your interesting contribution. Have a great time at Condor Carpets!