Let's introduce you to our Marketing Manager Kim

Six months ago, the Condor Group has appointed a new Marketing Manager. This role has been entrusted to Kim who has over thirteen years of experience in marketing. But what exactly does he do and what is his vision for his work? We asked him!

My role as Marketing Manager

The challenge of properly putting the Condor Group on the map, both nationally and internationally, is big. Due to the different interests, diverse stakeholders and multiple markets, no situation is the same, which requires continuous switching and optimization.

'Therefore, I am working on a daily basis to optimize the visibility and reputation of the Condor Group. Developing plans to improve our communication with our stakeholders and working closely with my colleagues from the marketing department is my main focus. But I also participate in the sustainability steering group. Something that is extremely important to me personally, as well to us as a Group.'

Working in a team

'The daily contact I have with my colleagues, customers and suppliers is great because we all have the same goal: to improve ourselves and our work continuously. Not only in terms of marketing but also in terms of product, organization and sustainability. In recent years, the organization has developed at lightning speed and in my role I can optimize communication even further. Not only externally, but also internally. After all; our employees are the most important factor to success.'

My vision

The Condor Group is large in the production of different flooring solutions. But there are more things than the figures that show our size, according to Kim.

'Our facts and figures speak for themselves. However, our approach to the operations is also ‘grand’, when looking at delivering the best quality and stakeholder satisfaction. Besides that, year after year sustainability is also getting a bigger role within the Condor Group. My vision for the Condor Group is circular; creating sustainable textile (floor) solutions for everyone. And of course, the Condor Group cannot achieve that in a few years, but I foresee in the not-too-distant future a large part of our range will consist of circular products. Products that are also sustainably produced. That is the aim!

Kim, we thank you for your time and contribution. Good luck!