Let's introduce you to our Production Employee Machiel

We continue by introducing another proud colleague of ours! Machiel is working for over 20 years in the coating department with his nice and collaborative team. Together with them, they deliver the best quality products every day. We have shared his story and experiences below!

My role as a Production Employee

'For a couple of years now, I have contributed to the production of our end products countless times and I still enjoy seeing the productions of our carpets and delivering great products at the end of the shifts.' Machiel ensures that there is a sufficient coating to produce the secondary backing firmly on the back of the primary backing.

Working in a Team

Machiel likes the contact and collaboration he has with his colleagues. 'Working in a small team where we are both motivating and helping each other, is really enjoyable. We are working together to produce efficiently the best products. In addition, during the shifts, we do switch from tasks so that our work stays diverse.'

My vision

'Condor Carpets is a future-oriented and prosperous organization with great employment.'

Machiel says that it is nice to see that the Condor Group produces all kinds of in- and outdoor flooring products and that he is part of the contribution. 'The Condor Group works to make everything run in a more sustainable way with an eye on the changing climate. Besides that, they offer you the possibility to grow within the organization.'

On behalf of Condor Carpets, thank you for your time and effort Machiel!