Let's introduce you to our Quality Engineer Arjan

Arjan only works for half a year in the quality department, but experiences a great working environment. He previously worked at the tufting department, but had the possibility to develop himself further and is now working with the quality team.

My role as quality engineer

Sometimes there may be something wrong with the products, and Arjan is here to solve it. 'My main responsibility is to look for solutions when I receive a complaint about a product. Only solving the problem is combating a symptom. I ensure that the cause gets solved permanently. We are offering quality products after all.'

Working in a team

'The both personal and professional contact I have with my colleagues makes my work every day different and enjoyable. Working in a dynamic environment where you get involved with the different parts of the quality department makes that we are working as a real team. That is important to me.'

My vision

'Condor Carpets is a large organization where you can develop yourself further in your career. It is also a progressive organization, but in a sustainable way and with a suitable flooring solutions for everyone.'

Arjan, thank you for your contribution. Good luck!