Let’s introduce you to our Sales Office Assistant Rene

Our valuable Sales Office Assistant Rene Spriensma started his journey at Condor Carpets in the factory. Last year, he conducted his internship in sales. Rene works for already 4 years at our company and has a great journey to tell.

My Role as Sales Office Assistant

‘As a sales assistant, I assist my colleagues at the sales with different kinds of tasks, such as taking care of the order entries and stock checks. In addition, I also work at the tufting, whereby I work in a team next to the tufting machines and yarns. After I worked for a couple of years in the factory, I started admiring the process and production, therefore I enjoy working in both the production process and the sales. Seeing and experiencing different operations within Condor Carpets makes it diverse and educative. ‘

Rene has conducted his internship in sales. It was for him a challenging and enjoyable time. ‘During my time as an intern, I got the pleasant opportunity to work with nice colleagues and this led to an enjoyable time as an intern.’

Working in a Team

Working in teams leads to great contributions and results. As mentioned, Rene works in two different teams: ‘In both the sales and tufting, I have explored different kinds of collaborations. At sales, I assist my colleagues, and they guide me through sales processes when needed. At tufting, we divide our work together, make sure it gets finished on time, and help each other. Both are different environments, which broadens my expertise in both fields. And of course, I enjoy it.’

My Vision

‘I see Condor Carpets has an innovative organization that works towards different innovative projects, and I believe that there will be more different innovative results in the coming years. My start at Condor, and the experiences I have had at the different operations, have created added value to my professional growth. And I am not finished yet…’

Rene, we thank you for your time. It was nice to hear your story about your first step towards your future career.