Meet our Logistics Tiles Employee Sepp

For 8 years, Sepp has gained a lot of experience in logistics, in particular, in the tiles department. He has a lot of responsibility for the job he conducts, as well as communicates clearly to the sales department about orders. Sepp is going to share his experience working in Condor.

My role as Logistics Tiles Employee

'At the tiles department, my tasks are to stay in contact with the sales and logistics department about the stock availability of the tiles and the delivery times. I am the person that ensures the right processes of the tiles orders, and communicates updates to the sales to provide the best services for our customers. I find it enjoyable to be part of the process from the sales until the products leave our company. It gives me more feeling on what I am doing.'

Working in a team

Sepp finds working with his colleagues fun and enjoyable. He likes the way everyone is helping each other when needed.

'Since I am working in logistics, I see a lot of people from different departments, such as my colleagues from the samples department. I am closely working with them to work as best we can, and ensure that the tiles leave our logistics at the given time to our customers.

My vision

'Condor is known for its diversity and flexibility. I am having a lot of fun during my work, in which we continuously motivate each other. Additionally, we help each other when needed. I want to continue that way and I find it amazing to be part of the growth of Condor!

Sepp, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!