Approved artificial turf football field with BrockFill in Apeldoorn

The natural infill in artificial football fields has again received official approval at the A.V. & C.V. Robur er Velocitas 1882 in Apeldoorn. This 100% natural infill is called BrockFill is Condor Grass' environment-friendly solution for sports fields.

Official installation approvals
The installation of football fields with BrockFill needs official approval from the Dutch Football Association (KNVB) before it can be used. Our first installed football fields have already been approved and now we can add another football to the list; the football field at A.V. & C.V. Robur er Velocitas 1882 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. This field is the first one in Apeldoorn that consists of 100% natural infill. It has been a beautiful solution, which is fully produced in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Sustainable Infill for Sports fields
The 100% natural infill that consists of wood, called BrockFill is a major step towards an environment-friendly solution for the production and installation of sports fields, implemented in our production facility of Condor Grass. BrockFill does not contain chemicals, is harmless to the environment and can be easily returned to nature after its lifetime of 10 years passes. In addition, this infill material does not negatively affect the players' performances. In fact, BrockFill ensures players can get the best out of themselves!

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The football fields are stable, there are no migrations of infill, it looks fresh and clean and it is future-proof. We are taken major steps towards a sustainable future, where collaboration with our customers is a top priority. If you are interested in our artificial turf football fields with BrockFill or do you have any questions? Please contact us by our contact details below.

Contact Person: Joop van Krimpen 
Phone: +31 (0)6 112 088 50

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