BrockFill - Sustainable Infill for Sports Fields

A natural and circular solution with BrockFill. It is a sustainable infill used for already two installed football fields by Condor Grass. BrockFill has more great advantages next to the fact that it is environmentally-friendly which we have listed below.

100% natural material

This filling material is unqiue because it consists entirely of natural material, being wood. With this concept of clean natural infill, we are on the way to eventually having 100% clean, human- and nature-friendly artificial grass systems. With the current concept we fully comply with the most recent requirements set by the Dutch Football Association and are listed as such on the sports surface list.

Harmless to humans and the environment

BrockFill consists of 100% wood with a specific grain size. It contains no chemicals, is harmless to the environment, and can be easily returned to the nature after a lifetime of about 10 years.

The six advantages of BrockFill at a glance

1. Optimal traction

No unstable field that is subject to change due to bouncing rubber granules. BrockFill feels like natural grass underfoot and falls within the optimal international traction range (FIFA quality) without the variability in energy restitution of (splashing) rubber granules.

2. Less infill splash

Maintenance of infill material in artificial grass is essential. After all, the less splashing infill, the better. Compared to other infill materials: when dry BrockFill has the lowest splash and when moist it performs even better.

3. Safe sliding

In addition to complaints about high temperatures on a pitch, players mainly complain about skin abrasions (turf burn) from artificial grass. Independent tests by Labosport have proven that the heat generated with BrockFill is lowest compared to other infill materials.

4. Infill has a cooling effect

BrockFill is a considerably cooler infill material than rubber granules and does not require watering. Any BrockFill particle is naturally hydrophilic, it absorbs and releases rainwater to the core of the particles. This way moisture is released slowly for a long-lasting cooling effect.

5. Sustainability assured

BrockFill is an extremely durable organic material. In addition to being 100% natural, the refractive index of BrockFill shows impressive results, making it a robust and durable material.

6. Excellent draining effect

BrockFill has higher permeability than the artificial grass itself. Even after eight years of (simulated) use without maintenance, the pitch still easily meets the requirements set by the Dutch Football Association and FIFA.

Sales, implementation and maintenance

Sustainable systems require the right approach, conviction, implementation and maintenance. To avoid any concession on quality, the Condor Grass BrockFill fields are installed under the responsibility of Condor Grass. The first two pitches in Europe have already been completed in this way and are being monitored. Certificates are available for the national and various international football associations. Condor Grass works with various parties and is always open to new ideas in approach and realization. We are available for talks and visits without any obligation.

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