Colored Artificial Grass and Design Ideas

Since it is barely known that artificial grass is not only available in green, but in many different colors, let's discover together how these colors can be designed in different places. We offer a wide range of artificial grass colors, that may give a stunning look to your garden or other places.

Colors artificial grass

Let's start with our color range. We have in our collection variations in the primary colors red, yellow and blue. Additionally, looking at the picture at the right, we have diverse colors, like white, pink, green, and brown. In these colors, we have sub-ranges in dark-, light- and sheet, which proofs that it can be used in designing more spaces than just your garden.


The most common usage of these various artificial grass colors are for playgrounds. Creating themed playgrounds is a way of generating an enjoyable playground, where children can play imaginative games and at the same time it contributes to their development. Having an example of playing on a blue artificial grass field, children can imagine playing in water, for instance. That's why they love playing at colored grounds.

We can divide the playgrounds into our Schools, and Playgrass collections. Our Schools collection can be installed for different color shapes and sizes on the ground, as with the example of a blue field associated with water. Playgrass in contrast, is used for small sport fields.

Commercial design

When owning a business, it is usual to design your gardens too. This could be either an office-park, restaurant or surrounded land. By using colored artificial grass, you can give the places an unique touch, as seen in the picture of the terrace. It gives an sleek and clean design, while at the same time it might identify the general style of the garden.

Another design idea is seen at picture. The various colors on the artificial grass carpet has created a more colorful room design. Image this store without these colors. What kind of first impression would it give? We can tell you that it would have looked gloomy and maybe too much grey. The colored grass fortunately gives it a more smooth and in-detail designed room. No more colors than that was needed. It is perfectly designed, without it disrupted the basic look.


Colored artificial grass are mainly used for the development of playgrounds. This positively influences the playing behavior of children, and encourages their creativity. The color variations of artificial grass can also be used for your business. If it is for your garden, office park or in your store, it can be the finishing touch to create the look you want to have. If you are curious to get informed about our ranges and variations, please contact us by E-Mail or phone.