Condor Grass artificial turf series for football

Condor Grass artificial turf series for football – sustainable solutions

Condor Grass is amongst the very few companies that developed both non-filled systems and systems with natural or non-natural infill, from the very beginning. Fields are tailormade and solutions are only proposed once all data regarding budget, anticipated usage and the local environment have been considered.

Non- filled systems

Our experiences in non- filled systems dates back to the start of the century. Partners of Condor Grass have installed over 100 non- filled pitches already. Some of these installations are still in use, often in the most demanding locations around the world.

Systems with infill

Our systems that rely on infill make use of natural or non- natural infill materials. Where applicable, a high-quality schockpad is used to complement the lasting performance and durability of a field.

State-of-the-art production

An automated production facility using robotic technology guarantees the quality of the carpets and diversity of the portfolio. Recently installed state-of-the-art tufting machines can combine different yarns and adjust the pile length and density to produce unqiue products. Our quality control system makes certan that the product is made as intended.

More than just 'a perfect match'

Condor Grass artificial turf products for football replicate a good quality natural tutf no matter the circumstances. This replication is guaranteed for many years.

  • Natural ball bounce and ball roll in any direction
  • Good grip and underfoot
  • Enable good slidings
  • Tuft quality and density that keeps infill in the system

For every environment and need

Condor Grass artificial turf systems are the fields of choice for clubs in both professional and amateur leagues in the most demanding leagues and nations.

  • Filled and non-filled systems
  • Short pile with shockpads or long pile with extra infill
  • Option to choose from all popular infill materials
  • All systems tested in accordance with FIFA and applicable national standards