Currently we are finalizing first two football fields with BrockFill in Europe!

| BrockFill is a new and unique material, because it consists of 100% wood with a specific grain size!

This is happening in Montfoort, located in the Green Heart of The Netherlands, at a distance of 20 km from the city of Utrecht. BrockFill is part of the Condor Grass artificial turf concept. This specific artificial turf system consists of an EPP shock pad, PE artificial turf, round-grained quartz sand and last but not least: BrockFill.

This infill material is unique because it consists of 100% natural, namely wood. With this concept making use of clean natural infill, we pave the way to the final destination of ultimately 100% clean, human- and nature-friendly synthetic turf systems. With the current concept we fully meet the most recent requirements set by KNVB (Dutch Football Association) and FIFA.

BrockFill consists of 100% wood with a specific grain size. It contains no chemicals, is harmless to the environment and can be returned to nature without any problem after a lifespan of approximately 10 years.

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