Let's introduce you to our Commercial Manager Sport Joop

Artificial turf for sports is quite a special branch. In the past decades, we have seen a lot of developments for Condor Grass in this sector. Our commercial manager sport Joop works for almost 5 years at Condor Grass and he experiences lots of variety in his work.

My role as commercial manager sport

Working at a family business with ambition for sport and result-oriented, attracted Joop to work at Condor Grass. 'Through the variety of my work, I experience each day as different. Traveling a lot to customers, talking to them about their requirements for the sport fields, informing and receiving information and updates from our team, and looking at the production processes makes my job incredibly nice. I have an intensive job in which I can apply my responsibilities well.'

Working in a team

Commercial activities must be organized together, it is real teamwork, according to Joop.

'There is no I in a team'

'Condor Grass worked hard to create its awareness in the sport sector, with successful results. Working on receiving various certificates and ensuring that the product meets all the requirements of customers forms the basis of the work. We are doing this together. Being a trustful company is where we stand for. Not only in the sport sector but in our entire organization. Our job is to radiate reliability and keeping appointments set.'

My vision

'Everything is done to work in an efficient way and to ensure good production processes. By doing so, possible errors get prevented. Condor Grass is a sincere and promising company with a lot of potential. By continuing in this way, I am convinced that we will gain a good position in the artificial turf sports sector.'

Joop, we thank you for your time and contribution. Good luck!