Let's introduce you to our Engineering Employee Henry

For more than 4 years is Henry ensuring that our state-of-the-art machine park is kept running and in good condition. We interviewed Henry about his journey at Condor Carpets and -Grass, and what his vision is about the organization. We shared it below!

My role as Engineering Employee

From building A to B, and from the tufting machines for carpets to artificial grass, it is full of different techniques, possibilities and improvements. Henry is the person to approach for the different maintenances on this.

'Besides that, troubleshooting, continuous improvements by performing modifications and being responsible of building management are the various tasks within my job. With the last one, I mean that the building-related installations must also be well maintained. The broad machine park the Condor Group owns and the developments of automatization is incredible. I like to be engaged in these techniques and to work with it.'

Working in a team

'I always get engaged with the improvements of technologies and innovations. This involvement is valuable because it allows you to develop yourself further within the organization and to get to know the finer points of the machines, for instance. My work is divided, for both Condor Carpets and Condor Grass. Because of that, I work a lot with different people from the departments and it is very pleasant to do so.'

My vision

'Condor Carpets and -Grass are very dynamic and innovative companies. There are continuous developments going on and they never stop experimenting and innovating existing, and new techniques. Eventually, we all want to offer the best products and services to our customers. In addition to that, it all goes in a more sustainable and efficient way, below the standard of producing lean and green.'

The challenge and satisfaction you get from solving the problems and malfunctions is very nice to have, and it keeps increasing your motivation more and more. That is Henry's positive attitude!

Thank you Henry for this positive story. Good luck!