Let’s introduce you to our Team Leader Tufting Marcel

We are proud of all our colleagues. Therefore, we would like to introduce them to you. Marcel van der Werf is our Team Leader at the tufting. He is an accurate and organized leader for his team.

My Role as Team Leader at the Tufting

‘As team leader, I am responsible for the tufting operations of my team in the factory. My main-tasks are to ensure the needed goods for my team, to check the machines and process, and to ensure the qualities of our artificial grass products are guaranteed. ‘

Working in a Team

Marcel is the proud leader of his team. He sees that working together will lead to well-productions of the grass-qualities. ‘I like the team I am working with. They are all motivated to their work, and so am I. There is a nice and pleasant work environment. I believe that an efficient team will create motivation for all of us and eventually leads to great productions.’

My Vision

'Condor Grass is a massive, and innovative company. There is focus on creating innovative projects, such as our robots at the tufting. Condor Grass will grow with innovative projects and I am proud to be a team leader of our operations.’

On behalf of Condor Grass, thank you for your time and interesting story Marcel! Your contribution is valuable for us.