Let’s introduce you to our tufting employee Jan

Jan has gained lots of experience in working the tufting department. He is working in a small team and uses his forklift to do certain jobs. Jan enjoys having various tasks with the tufting because this makes his job diverse and enjoyable.

My role as a tufting employee and forklift driver

‘At the tufting, I am mainly responsible for making sure that the tufting process goes smoothly and correctly without errors in the primary backing of the carpet. This is the first layer that gets produced on. Next to that, I am also working as a forklift driver whereby I am driving and picking up the rolls to and from the machines.'

Working in a team

Jan finds working in his team great and it motivates him.

‘I am working in a small and pleasant team which motivates me continually to get the best out of myself. There is room to discuss optional improvements and/ or changes while we are working, and this requires the right communications. In addition, we are always open to helping each other when necessary. We are all working on various tasks and this makes every shift different and challenging.’

My vision

‘I see Condor as a good employer for everyone, whereby they give the opportunity to grow further in the business and to develop yourself. It is a growing company with lots of innovative possibilities. I am glad to work for Condor Grass and to have diverse tasks to do.’

Jan, we thank you for your interesting story and wish you a great time at Condor!