Meet our Tufter Kadir

Kadir started his journey first at the tufting department of Condor Carpets, around 16 years ago. He worked in different departments and is currently working at the tufting of Condor Grass. Kadir took us through his journey and what he likes about working for Condor Grass. 


During his time at the tufting department, he switched roles from setting up yarns to becoming responsible for the tufting machines and also worked at another department. Kadir sees himself as an all-round employee, a jack-of-all-trades.

'I liked to manage these machines due to their incredible sizes and speed. With so many needles, a carpet gets tufted in a very short time. I was also curious about the processes after the products leave the tufting department, so I also worked in the coating department. But I missed being responsible for the tufting machines, and for one year, I am working at Condor Grass now.' 

Learning everyday

Both the tufting department of Condor Carpets and Condor Grass have the same tufting processes, but there are differences in raw materials...

'Each day is different due to the changing qualities that go into the tufting process. The qualities of artificial sports fields and -landscaping consists of different materials than carpets. We have for instance two types of yarns, green yarn and the sort of brown yarn that gets curled for a real grass look. I find this very interesting because I get to learn what products need which settings on the machines. 

In addition, I am working in an enjoyable team in which we do not lack collaboration and good communication. We operate as a team and support each other when needed!'

Thank you for your taking us through your journey Kadir. Good luck with your period at Condor Grass!