Safe indoor sport experiences

All our artificial turf systems go through various tests to guarantee that they do not harm the health and safety of our users. Each system with sand infill complies with the fire resistance levels. However, the systems that are suitable for indoor use go through the same tests but also undergo extra tests to determine their fire resistance level. 

Professional experience with indoor sports fields

From playgrounds for kids to professional padel fields, we have different artificial turf systems available for both outdoor and indoor use. Most of our systems use a shock pad. This adds additional comfort, and better performance and enables long-lasting sports characteristics. The playgrounds are developed with the highest attention to detail and enable children to play safely. The padel surfaces are additionally made from high-quality materials and require little maintenance. It allows users to make natural ball bounces, comfortable slidings and the fields all comply with the international UNE 147301:2018 Standard. The systems are classified with fire resistance levels and are therefore suitable to be installed indoors.

We guarantee that the sports fields are proven to be safe not only  outdoor but also for indoor usage

Always safe and fire resistant

The artificial sport turf fields are certified with different fire classifications. Here, the fire classifications are determined based on whether the location is an enclosed area or not. A sports field in an enclosed area needs the fire classification A or B, whereas a sports field in a non-enclosed area needs the fire classifications A, B or C. An inspection institution checks our qualities and gives them these classifications. This translates into the fire resistance of the indoor sports fields. Our padel systems have the fire classification B and our playground systems are certified with the fire classifications B and C. Therefore, we guarantee that the sports fields are proven to be safe, not only outdoors but also for indoor usage. 

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