Sustainability On a Roll to Zero Emission

Intercarpet has local roots with a sales territory around the world, using mainly natural materials such as wool, cotton and sisal. Making our production processes and products more sustainable is crucial to achieving a circular economy. Together with our members and stakeholders, we are determined to make the world a better place by marketing fully circular products in an energy-neutral way.

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Together For a sustainable supply chain

We strive for a transparent value chain in which we actively partner with our stakeholders for sustainable developments. We do this to make the entire supply chain as sustainable as possible. In this, we not only follow international regulations and standards, but also take it a step further. 

Condor Group

Sustainable Development Goals How we implement them

Intercarpet is working on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals together with its other members within the Condor Group. For these goals, 50 sub-goals have been defined with five working groups set up to work on them. The goals cover the topics: Management, Procurement, Facilities & Safety, Human Resources and Product Innovation & Technology. Our biggest focus is on the following goals because we believe we can show the biggest difference:

    • 7: Affordable and Sustainable Energy
    • 8: Fair Work and Economic Growth
    • 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    • 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

    On a roll to zero emission Discover more

    Check out Condor Group's sustainability page to read more about our "on a roll to zero emission" mission.

    Condor Group

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