Football Artificial grass fields with infill on a shock pad

Condor Grass artificial grass fields with infill on a shock pad deliver the highest possible performance while being less dependent on the infill. These surfaces have a pile height of 40mm – 50 mm, depending on the kind of infill, and are the most economical investment. The solid underfoot and comfort as well as the game performance are delivered by the EPDM, TPO or cork infill. Our latest development is the wooden infill: Wooden pellets with specific dimensions for the right sport technical properties). This delivers a very stable, sustainable and 100% natural infill.

Condor Grass artificial grass surfaces can be placed on top of a cross-linked closed-cell polyolefin, expanded polypropylene (EPP) or polyurethane (PU) shock pad as well as an in-situ produced e-layer. Each has its own unique characteristics and contributions to the artificial grass system.

The artificial grass carpet is made of Saltex Polar, Saltex Wave or Saltex Wave XL fibres. The diamond-shape of the Saltex Wave and Saltex Wave XL fibres contributes to their resilience and coverage of the field.

The combination of a shock pad, infill and a carpet made of our Saltex Polar, Saltex Wave or Saltex Wave XL fibres delivers an artificial grass field that has a natural look, the best possible performance and a durability that lasts for many years. That is why these artificial grass fields are the fields of choice in areas like Scandinavia, Europe and South America.

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