Solar park Energy-neutral in electricity

We have greatly reduced our share of grey electricity over the past year. In fact; from 2022 we will be 50% energy-neutral ourselves. This is partly due to the 13,316 solar panels on the roofs of Condor Carpets and Condor Grass. These solar panels are equivalent to the energy consumption of 1,300 households, and are used for our productions and offices.

Condor Group

100% energy-neutral in our electricity consumption for 2025

Dorhout- Mees The largest solar park in the Netherlands

In cooperation with Engie, we have also been taking energy from the largest solar park in the Netherlands, in Dorhout-Mees, since 2022. This solar park has more than 328,088 solar panels and saves around 63 million tonnes of CO2 annually. This is equivalent to the CO2 footprint of more than 4.8 million Dutch people. Thanks to our own solar panels and the energy we receive from this solar park, we are already 50% energy-neutral in electricity. Our aim is complete neutrality in 2025.

Condor Group